Stephen Davis Platform

My choice of action for the city of Cambridge, ward 6 Candidate.

This is based on approximately 600 residences I’ve spoken to so far in ward 6.  First 9 issues, then my follow up.

#1. Junkies roaming our neighbourhoods and stealing from us.  Why is this getting out of control, and why aren’t the police doing anything to prevent this?  Almost all want an answer
#2. Neighbourhood watch program, needs improvement, and needs to be more aggressive.  Not enough community communication.  Not often you see neighbours communicating their issues within their neighbourhood.  It’s just ignored.
#3. Roads, and construction coordination.  Getting from one side to other in this city is time consuming and an inconvenience for many residences that are concerned.
#4. Hospital ER, wait times.  Why is the hospital addition not finished?  Why isn’t our federal government helping with the completion of our hospital?  Why was it left unfinished, and who is responsible, or should be held accountable?
#5. Sports complex is far overdue.  Only city in the region with no multi complex, and yet smaller municipality’s have a sports complex, and community centre all in one.
#6. Light rail transit. ION. Conglomerate the system, and eventually Cambridge will need a system in place to accommodate the growing transit population.
#7. No Safe Injection Sites (SIS).  Will cause more harm than good to our neighbourhoods and community.  Enabling the issue, by supporting the sites.  Majority of residences want nothing to do with injection sites.  Rather more support, similar to that of Homewood.  Why do we not have a facility that accommodates mental health and addictions, especially the opioid crisis?
#8. Old age pensioners, who cannot afford to live off of CPP alone.  Majority of retirees I’ve spoken to need help from family members.  Taxes are a burden, and I got a lot of “I put my time in, I deserve a break.”  Coming from 30 year plus employed retirees.  Why can’t the city ease the burden through house hold taxes if a property owner.

#9. Lastly, more policing.  Police spending to much time in Court, rather than the streets.  Not enough push on drug abuse.  Rather ignore the problem then fix it.

This is from the majority of whom I’ve spoken to so far, in Ward 6..

I can come up with solutions to all their concerns, however if elected as ward 6 councillor, I would first listen, then find the solution.  The one question I was asked several times over the last 3 weeks, was what purpose does a ward councillor serve, and who votes for ward Councillor, when it’s up to our mayor to make the ultimate decision.

These are my concerns.

My #1, is a multi sports complex, to be build on the heart of Cambridge.  Cambridge is a beautiful, vibrant city with a history of accomplished athletes who’ve made this a great city, and it’s always pushed aside, because our Mayor is more interested in expanding the educational and arts sectors.  How come the residents of Cambridge, that have an income of well over two hundred thousand annually, cannot assist and contribute to the building of a complex.  Cambridge is rich city, and with sponsorships and business recognition, I feel the money to build a complex is possible.
#2.  We need a facility that is similar to Homewood in Cambridge.  Our hospital is already understaffed and over worked, and with the new addition shortly being completed, I feel the additional beds should be apart of the addiction and rehab process.  Why isn’t the addition completed?  Why is our mayor seeking additional funds to complete it?  Where did the city of Cambridge go wrong?.
#3. ION light rail transit is a must, and will be massive asset for Cambridge that will create a ton of sensible jobs.  Kitchener ION, test will create a dominoes effect that will trickle into the city of Cambridge.  Farmers that are against it, I feel if anything reap the benefits of the ultimate source of affordable transportation.
#4.  SIS, SUS.  I am completely and utterly against it.  This will create a toxic environment for our community and the future of our children.  There needs to be an out of site out of mind system specifically based on the need for a site, if and when there possibly is one.
My point is,  if it’s an illegal drug, then why is OK to use in public?  Given the go ahead to develop a site is the same as giving the go ahead to use illegal drugs with zero consequences.  Possible solution.  Drugs will never go away, and we need a system that will specifically target their issues and needs, with the development of a Homewood in Cambridge.
#5. Affordable housing.  Our city is filled with developers that rather see profit then a solution for those who simply cannot afford a roof over their head.  There should be cap on what can be developed, and what should be developed, and if possible, create a win win solution for both the developers and low income housing.  Everyone can work, however many are limited completely and respectfully deserve the right for a decent life, and liveable conditions.
#6. Over 65-70, housing and taxes should be easily affordable for any retired pensioner who has worked most of their lives.  Many struggle, day in day out, and many are forced to sell their homes for a more affordable lifestyle, all because CPP is a joke.
#7. Policing in Cambridge seems minimal, and the problem is too many officers spend more time in Court then in the streets.  Visual policing does not exist today, and more officers and security guidance is needed.  Not only for our community, but for our parks, and city employees already have there hands tied behind their back because there given limited resources to consistently monitor our parks and trails.
#8. Construction is on every corner it seems, and has caused many issues regarding accidents, and issues with residences.  Closing two bridges down for construction is ridiculous and could’ve easily have been prevented.  Seems like the whole city is under construction, yet one of our major life saving facilities is still under construction.  Our hospital should’ve been priority over a bridge.  Decisions are backwards and need proper direction when it comes to construction, whether it be roads or a sport complex and ultimately our hospital.

#9. Wait times at our HOSPITAL. Solution;  Finish the addition and hire more staff.  Our hospital should be priority, and not a leftover decision.

This is the majority of many issues our city is encountering and I want to be your voice, that will listen and put forth the effort to push for a better tomorrow, for all our citizens of Cambridge, and specifically ward 6.


Steve Davis